Your Good, Bad and the Ugly of 2012 and Your Single Word For 2013

It’s that time of the year when people are finalising projects before the Christmas break and planning for 2013.

Planning requires reviewing and what a year it’s been!  A proper review requires an honest appraisal and covers the good, the bad and the ugly.  Not what you’d expect to hear from a ‘marketing company’ but then it’s not about spin, it’s about meeting your goals.


So to review our year at My Marketing Delivered we’ve summarised the good, the bad and the ugly and ended with a single word which sums up our thoughts for 2013.  Let’s start in reverse order:


1.    The Ugly

The frustrating and time consuming process of extracting ourselves from an associated business - valuable lessons learnt all round!


2.    The Bad

That old chestnut of chasing bad debtors.  In the real world ‘things happen’ that affects a client’s ability to pay.  However your values and those of the people you choose to work with dictate the final outcome.


3.    The Good

Ironically this is linked to the Ugly.  The accelerated growth experienced by our core business as we were able to devote more energy to it, creating trusted long term relationships with our clients.


But what of the future?  Our single word to describe our thoughts for 2013 is Focus.


‘Focus’ because by listening to our clients we have identified further opportunities of how we can help them gain a competitive advantage.  We have a clear vision of what we need to build to achieve this and it’s big and it’s exciting.   


So what has been your ‘good, bad and the ugly in 2012’ and what word would you describe your outlook for 2013?

Posted by: Nimish Sawjani on Dec 6, 2012
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