Marketing: Are You Planning to be Confident

Years ago I watched a stand up routine by Ben Elton which observed how stock markets suffered huge losses because of a ‘lack of confidence’.

He then played out a routine where he asked a fictitious stock market trader whether he was ‘confident’.  The reply was ‘Err no’ (because of a personal hygiene problem not due to fluctuations in world economic data). 


However the implications of his answer meant there were huge repercussions in world stock markets.


A very funny routine.  But what does this mean for your business?


Your business performance is a result of your reactions to what is going on in the market place.   But how can you react effectively if you have no plan or objectives?


Research has highlighted that businesses that have a marketing plan are more confident over the outlook for their organisation than those who don’t.


A marketing plan helps you create the right environment for you to succeed and helps you evaluate new opportunities as they arise.  By providing a clear direction and goals it also helps you get a better return on your marketing investment as you avoid ad hoc activity which can be time consuming, costly and ineffective.


We all want to buy from winners who know where they are going and know what they’re about.  The confidence and clarity you convey by going through the process of putting together a plan will help convert prospective customers into actual customers.


Falling by the Wayside

So will you create a marketing plan? Or claim it’s ‘all in the head’ hoping the rest of your team can telepathically understand the decisions you want them to take?


You may claim to be too busy dealing with the day to day challenges of running a business in these ‘uncertain times’.  But remember, the world hasn’t stopped turning. 


There are opportunities for businesses that are smart and focused enough to grab them.  However a lack of clarity and discipline will continue to see so many so called thriving and optimistic businesses fall by the wayside.


So, are you feeling confident?

Posted by: Nimish Sawjani on Oct 24, 2012
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