Marketing: Like Comedy Marketing is All About Timing

Have you ever been frustrated with the results of a marketing campaign?

That’s not to suggest it was a complete failure but the results could have been, well, a little better? 


The good news is that it may not be a case of scrapping everything and starting again.  Sometimes you have to understand that it just wasn’t the right time for someone to commit to your offer, however ‘special’ it was.


It’s a bit like walking down the high street (remember those?) on the way to work.  Now you may walk past a clothes shop every day and never walk in. The shop assistants may rearrange the window display to entice you, or have a sale, but to no effect.  


But then everything changes.  You get an invitation to a friend’s wedding and realise that your kids have nothing suitable to wear. 


So what do you do?  You’re faced with a social occasion where everyone will be dressed as smart as they are ever going to look and the event will be recorded forever through video and photography. 


Faced with this potential embarrassment you consider that clothes shop the next time you walk past.  Maybe they have something there that could present your kids as smart and respectable.


So the clothes shop in question now has a potential customer who has chosen them not because of a special offer displayed in their window, or a marketing campaign in the local paper, but a social occasion that they could never have been aware of or controlled.


So it is timing that dictates when you as a business are relevant to your potential customer. 


This helps explain the reason why so many businesses are attracted to search engine optimisation and Adwords.  This offers the theoretical optimum time to be in front of your customer, i.e. when they are in the active ‘buying’ or ‘consideration’ stage for your type of goods or services.


This targeting comes at a cost but can be lucrative if managed properly.


So when reviewing the effectiveness of your next marketing activity remember, your message and creative maybe fine – but the timing may need a rethink.


Posted by: Nimish Sawjani on Oct 31, 2012
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