Is a ‘boutique’ service relevant in today’s business climate?

What’s your perception of a boutique service?  

I ask this question as I met a company at a marketing industry event that claimed to be a boutique SEO company.

As friendly as they were I found myself asking myself can you be a boutique service in that marketplace and crucially, is it relevant in today’s business environment?

Of course like many, my knowledge of ‘boutique’ related products and services serving more consumer environments, hotels for example, where you get more than a chocolate on your pillow, can you believe that?

There are of course other examples of where people want more than the norm.  

Buying a watch can cost from between a few pounds to thousands, but in the end they all tell the time.  I guess it’s a status symbol.

So if buying a luxury watch is a status symbol, maybe choosing a boutique business service is a reflection of yourself as well?  

It is said all purchasing decisions are emotional.  But is this level of emotion justified in a business to business context?

Many may see positioning themselves as boutique as a good way of polarizing and therefore filtering their potential audience.  After all we are all told to stand for something.

Boutique suggests a small operation focussed on quality, personal service, with a price to reflect the cost of delivering that.

But surely delivering a quality, personal experience is the minimum a customer should expect whatever the organisation?

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Posted by: Binal Sawjani on Oct 22, 2013
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