Is it Time For Us to 'Walk on the Wild Side'?

Lou Reed’s sad passing had got me thinking about the implications to business.  Let me explain.  

I read what must be one of the greatest quotes ever, by music producer Brian Eno commenting on Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground - “The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band."

That to me encapsulates not only the influence of Lou Reed but also the lack of commercial success early in his career.

But what has this got to do with business?  I understand you may not be in the music business but as a business leader and as a business entity what would you want to stand for?

I know that this question can sound idealistic but maybe it will help you stand out from the competition.  

It can be easy to play it safe and keep your head down. After all you’ve just got though one of the worst economic downturns in history.

But surely this is the time for businesses to seize the opportunity, to refocus if nothing else.  This may manifest itself in expressing an original thought or action in your specific marketplace.  

This is not necessarily a call to invest in huge marketing programmes but an assessment of what you represent in the market place, in your customer’s eyes. 

Your original thought may not be a huge commercial success but it may help shift your mindset into developing something more lucrative in the future, as was the case with Lou Reed.

Maybe it’s time for us to take a ‘Walk on the Wild Side?’  It may energise us and help create or maintain, a competitive advantage. 

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Posted by: Nimish Sawjani on Oct 29, 2013
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